This summer, our Membership Engagement team asked people who have recently become involved at Trinity Wilmette to tell us what is of interest to them, how they would like to engage, and what are their preferred pathways for participation.  We are grateful for the feedback we received, and we will use it in planning future ministry and community-building efforts.  Here is a summary of the results:


Summary of Responses to Trinity Wilmette @150

Reporting percentage of favorable or neutral responses


The topics receiving the most favorable responses are “getting acquainted” and “getting involved” (100%), followed by faith in daily life and faith in action (91%), followed by Methodism in contemporary life and Trinity Wilmette’s story (81.8%), followed by foundational Christianity and Methodism (63.7%).


Sunday mornings are the best time to meet (72.7%), followed by weekday mornings and weekday evenings (36.4%).


Respondents preferred in-person sessions for learning and service (90.9%).  They showed some openness to online content (72.7% – all neutral) and self-directed learning (54.5% – all neutral).  All showed support for holiday celebrations (100%).


They prefer meeting at the church (90.9%) but would be willing to meeting private homes (72.8%).  There is also some openness to Zoom sessions (63.6%) and online materials (54.5%).


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