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A big “Thank you!” to all the people who helped make Pumpkin Patch 2022 a financial success!  We sold almost $30,000 of pumpkins and kept over $10,000 for our labors. The Pumpkin Patch Team is grateful to those individuals who committed to helping in a sales slot at least once per week, our treasurers, and those who helped with unloading.  However, we need to ask for more.

While a financial success, the hours worked selling pumpkins fell disproportionally upon a few persons.  To continue this ministry, we must assess the congregation’s commitment to supporting the Pumpkin Patch.  We need an advance commitment from those who are willing to serve.  If there is insufficient commitment, the Pumpkin Patch Team will be compelled to cancel Pumpkin Patch in 2023 and beyond.

Last October, participation in sales was significantly reduced.  A quarter of the requested time slots were never filled, and 7 adults covered over 50% of the remaining 100 time slots. Although a similar number of individuals participated this year as did last year and in 2019 (pre-Covid), the per-person participation from all but a few was greatly reduced.  Over 50% of volunteers took only a single time slot.

The Pumpkin Patch Team must make a commitment to the supplier in early spring of 2023. To decide on making that commitment, we will open our Trinity Patch Signup website in February 2023, and ask all Trinity families to sign up for October time slots.  We understand that circumstances change, and nobody will be penalized for refusing to commit or for being unable to fulfill all of their commitment.  However, commitments must be covered by trading shifts or enlisting others. We cannot commit to Pumpkin Patch 2023 unless we see a meaningful commitment from our congregation.  We cannot rely upon only 7 adults to staff the sales function.

We ask you to consider prayerfully your commitment to the Pumpkin Patch.  We will need a minimum of 4 time slots per Trinity adult in 2023, roughly once per week for a 2-hour shift, usually with another adult.  Most shifts are staffed with two adults.  We have teenage helpers from National Charity League on many weekend shifts as well.  Individuals or families can sign up once a week, once per weekend or for all four slots on a single weekend day. Training will be available in September after Sunday services.

Read further if you want to know why we think Pumpkin Patch is important to Trinity. Otherwise, skip to the survey [click here].

The Pumpkin Patch Team and the Trinity Church Council feel that Pumpkin Patch is important to both Trinity and the Wilmette community.  We frequently hear gratitude expressed by the community for its continued presence, and we believe it provides visibility for Trinity’s work in the community.

Pumpkin Patch is Trinity’s only annual fundraising event.  The money we raise is given to missions and the UMC Apportionment. This amount would have to be covered by an increase in tithes and offerings if we were to discontinue Pumpkin Patch.

Our mission beneficiaries this year included University Christian Ministry (an ecumenical Christian organization for students at Northwestern University), Outside the Walls (a prison release support organization), the Wilmette Emergency Fund administered by the Wilmette Police, and others.  This year we are including the United Methodist Committee on Relief to provide for victims of disasters, famine, and war.  We also support Boy Scout Troop 3, Wilmette Pantry, and A Just Harvest as needed.

Our Mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Our visibility in the community reminds people that even a secular celebration like Halloween can be missional. Jesus calls us to provide for the marginalized in our community and the world. Please choose to be part of that effort.

~The Pumpkin Patch Team