Welcome to Trinity’s Pumpkin Patch

Our pumpkin delivery truck will arrive Sat., Sept. 30 at 10:00 a.m.
Here are the dates and times the patch is open:

Please help us unload and sell pumpkins.

The Trinity Pumpkin Patch Tradition
In 1999, Trinity Church of Wilmette opened its first October pumpkin patch fundraising project for mission and charity support.  Since then, Trinity has raised over $265,000 for charity and mission while creating a Wilmette tradition for celebrating the Halloween season each Fall.   Your donation this year will go 100% to the charity and mission work we support, such as:
  • Wilmette Food Pantry
  • A Just Harvest (community kitchen) in Rogers Park
  • Boy Scout Troop 3
  • Senegal Children’s Feeding mission
  • University Christian Ministry (campus ministry) at Northwestern University
  • Wilmette Emergency Fund for the Wilmette Police to distribute to individuals in an emergency
Through the years, thousands of North Shore residents have purchased gourds and pumpkins from Trinity Wilmette’s Pumpkin Patch – knowing they are helping people near and far.  Many community volunteers have assisted with unloading and selling pumpkins from our lawn display.
Never sold pumpkins before?  It’s easy!  Watch these instructional videos prepared for our sales practices:
Enjoy some images of the fun we’ve had in the past.



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