We are excited to introduce you to our new logo.  It is a fresh take on our previous version, developed in conversation with GKS Consulting.  “Trinity Wilmette” is shorthand for our official name, providing easy identification of our church and location.  We are the only church named Trinity in Wilmette, and the reference to Wilmette avoids confusion with churches in other communities.

The logo incorporates the official “cross and flame” of the United Methodist Church, indicating our denominational covenant and shared theology and mission.  The cross represents Christ’s self-giving love, and the flame evokes the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit.  In our new logo, the cross and flame have been separated from the word Trinity per denominational guidelines.

A horizontal rainbow has been added to represent Christ’s message of welcome and inclusion.  The rainbow fits our mission as a reconciling congregation to welcome all who seek God, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, economic status, education, family structure, religious background, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression.  The segmented colors of different sizes illustrate human diversity and provide a visual reference to the stained glass windows of our Sanctuary.

The tower was removed from the new version because we do not have a high-quality image of it, and the drawing does not present well in certain applications, such as a t-shirt.  Also, having several images in the logo would make it appear jumbled.  The new logo is crisp and clean.