Responding to Israel/Gaza War

As war in the Holy Land continues, you may be looking for ways to respond to the humanitarian crisis.  Consider a gift to support Rev. Jane Eesley, our missionary in Jerusalem, or the efforts of the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to aid displaced persons.

Support Relief Efforts

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and its partners respond to disasters across the globe every day.  Please join with others in prayer for the affected areas and donate to UMCOR’s International Disaster Response to support relief efforts.  UMCOR recently awarded an emergency grant to distribute hygiene kits for internally displaced people in Gaza.  UMCOR is also working with partners in Israel to provide humanitarian relief there.

Support UMCOR Efforts


Support Our Missionary

Rev. Jane Eesley is a United Methodist clergy member of the Northern Illinois Conference.  In July 2023, she was appointed as a missionary serving in the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem, a partnership of the World Methodist Council, the British Methodist Church, and the United Methodist Church.  Its purpose is to increase international awareness and involvement of the Methodist community in the issues affecting Israel and Palestine.

The office is located in St. George’s College, East Jerusalem. Its role is to be a presence on behalf of World Methodism in the Holy Land. This involves:

  • Working ecumenically with churches, community organizations, and individuals across the West Bank
  • Partnering with any individuals or organizations who work for Human Rights in the Region.
  • Welcoming Methodist pilgrimage groups from around the world and encouraging them to engage, not only with the historical stones of religious sites but with the living stones of Christian and other faith communities.
  • Supporting and enabling visitors to volunteer at local projects as part of encounter and mission opportunities
  • Being ecumenical associate ministers of the Church of Scotland in Jerusalem, Tiberius, and supporting the UMC Filipino community in Tel Aviv.
  • Facilitating advocacy, especially by amplifying voices about everyday life under occupation in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel.
Support Our Missionary