Invitation to Bible Study
Are you looking to engage the stories of our faith?  Are you a new Christian?  Are you a new Methodist?  Are you interested in a small group study of the entire sweep of biblical teaching?  DISCIPLE Bible Study is the Methodist Church’s response to your needs – providing a high-quality, high-engagement Bible study experience.  The goal is “not just to inform, but to transform.”  The format is small group.  Between 8 and 12 participants meet with a facilitator, and over nine months, the small group reads 60% of the Bible, enriched by a Study Manual and weekly meetings.  During each weekly 2 hour meeting, the group views a video and then enters into structured conversation and examination of the readings and what they meant when written and what they mean to us today.  There are 34 lessons – and thus 34 meetings of the group.  Participants must to commit themselves to missing only two or three sessions.  If one knew of an extended vacation plan that would miss more than this amount, then the benefits of the format would be lost – for all participants.
Due to COVID, Trinity has not had a DISCIPLE study since 2019 – and even then our last group eventually finished over Zoom.  The primary issue for scheduling a new study is finding a full group of participants – it simply doesn’t work if the group is too small. There is no requirement that participants be Trinity members, or Methodists, or even Christians; however, DISCIPLE is a study of Christian doctrines and teachings.  Any new DISCIPLE class will likely be meeting over Zoom and scheduled for a 2-hour weekly meeting Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening.
DISCIPLE is ideal for new church members, curious Christians looking for more depth in their faith, and anyone looking to discover how God has spoken – and is speaking – to God’s people.
Please send notice of your interest to Tom Board,